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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hulk Like Smashburgers

Hulk: Smashburger? Hulk like name of restaurant. Hulk look forward to dinner!

Hulk like philosophy of restaurant. Smashing is better! But Smashfact wrong: Hulk no need sidekick. Hulk smash well on his own!

Hulk: Oh, you again. Hello, Bug Dalek. What you here for?
Spider-Dalek: That's Spider-Dalek, and I thought I'd tag along. You know, be your zany sidekick for the evening.
Hulk: This not your kind of restaurant. Bug Dalek should go home. Not safe for you: might get smashed accidentally.

Spider-Dalek: Again, it's Spider-Dalek, not Bug Dalek. And you don't need to worry about me. I may be zany, and fast with the odd quip, but I can take care of myself. Besides, these fries remind me of swish-swish…you know, what I do.
Hulk: Hulk no understand swish swish, but he no want Bug Dalek to do it near food.
Spider-Dalek: No, that's Spider… Anyway, I'm talkin' about my web shooters, man! You may smash criminals, but with my grace and √©lan, I just go swish swish with my gun, and gift wrap the criminals in my clingy webs, ready for the police to pick up.
Hulk: Hulk say no swish swish around food!
Spider-Dalek: Yeesh! Okay!

Spider-Dalek: Well, that was one great dinner. I must say, I think I did better on my end of the tray. Look at all the fries I'm taking home.
Hulk: Bug Dalek wrong. Hulk like burger so much he demolish it in one sitting. Nothing left to take home.
Spider-Dalek: Hulk, what's wrong? You just said three complete sentences without "smash" in them.
Hulk: Hulk smart. Consult thesaurus. Hulk like to read, maybe write his stories some day. 
Spider-Dalek: I'm impressed. I never guessed at your literary aspirations. That's great! Maybe you could start off with short stories. You know, the kind Master reads. Who knows? You might be the next Robert Silverberg, or Roger Zelazny.
Hulk: Hulk not sure, but think Bug Dalek being complimentary. That good. Hulk sated, not feel like smashing Bug Dalek tonight.

Hulk & Spider-Dalek

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