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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Perfect Hawaiian Breakfast

Denim: Thanks for inviting me to come see the sunrise.
Pocket: I'm glad you enjoyed it, but we'd better head back to the room. We need to get breakfast started.

Denim: You know, the ancient Polynesians speared fish, and Hawaiians still catch them and eat them. Do you think Master & Mistress would like fish for breakfast?
Pocket: If you want to catch one and clean it, I'll fry it up.
Denim: Sure, let me just grab a stick, and I'll pop one out of the water. Then I'll give it a good scrub down with soap and water.
Pocket: No, by cleaning the fish, I mean prepare it for cooking. You'll want to cut it in half, scoop out the guts, pick out all the bones, and--
Denim: Uh, now that I think of it, we've got eggs for an omelet.

Denim: Say, weren't the ancient Polynesians related to the French?
Pocket: Don't even make the suggestion!

Denim: According to Master's book of Hawaiian Myth and Legend, the ancient Polynesians used to cut giant papayas in half. Then they'd scoop out the middle, use the seeds for ammunition in their blowguns, and use the papaya halves as canoes.
Pocket: I thought they made their canoes out of wood?
Denim: They did later on, but only after they ran out of giant papayas. 
Pocket: That's too bad. A papaya canoe would be easier to make, and provide food for long sea journeys.

Denim: I read that when they were real hungry, the ancient Hawaiians also caught butterflies and ate them.
Pocket: I suppose their favorite butterflies were chocolate-covered ones with colored sprinkles.
Denim: How did you guess?

Denim: There you have it. An omelette using eggs from Kauai's wild chickens, half a papaya, a chocolate-and-cream-filled butterfly, and tea brewed from tea bags brought to Hawaii by the world famous Captain Cook. The perfect traditional Hawaiian breakfast.
Pocket: I'm going to have to read Master's book on Hawaiian myth and legend. It sounds real interesting.

Denim & Pocket Dalek

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