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Friday, November 28, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

Artist: I like the new Tiger exhibit at the San Diego Safari Park. You can really get up close! I just wish the Humans would stop making reflections on the glass. They're making it difficult for me to record images for my visual archives. 

Blue: No, you can stay down, buddy. No, you will not get up. Okay, no more Mr Nice Dalek. Make another move and I will Exterminate you!

Artist: I wonder why the lions are playing with pumpkins?
Blue: Maybe they're celebrating Thanksgiving with what they can. The staff probably aren't serving them turkey dinners.
Artist: Yeah, they're probably out of luck on that front, unless a wild turkey wanders into their enclosure, then it's--
Blue: Exterminate the Turkey time!
Artist: Exactly.

Artist: I know why the lions had pumpkins. See the man with the tall glass of beer? The Safari Park is still celebrating Octoberfest.
Blue: That's it! I saw another couple sharing a large glass over by the lions. I wonder why Master and Mistress drink soda instead of beer?
Artist: They must keep their heads clear to sketch while they eat.
Blue: Master and Mistress are so wise. Exterminate Inebriation! Exterminate Inebriation!! EXTERMINATE INEBRIATION!!!

Artist & Blue Dalek

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