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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Starsky & Hutch Versus The Dragon: Part 2

In the first season episode "Terror On The Docks," Starsky and Hutch enter an old Victorian mansion. They find themselves surrounded by occult objects, a regal dragon, and ultimately, a fearsome minotaur. Who could this minotaur be, they wonder. And more importantly, will it charge them?

Then the minotaur lifts off his head, and Starsky and Hutch see it is merely their informer Ezra in costume. 

Ezra welcomes the two detectives to his unholy house of occult worship, where he now teaches people to be witches and sorcerers. Starsky and Hutch ask him to use his contacts to learn who might be operating as a fence to sell the stolen goods for the theft ring operating at the docks. 

Starsky can't get over Ezra's new career, nor the paraphernalia of his occult practices. He's particularly intrigued by a gargoyle adorning this knife. Then he lifts a human skull, and eerie music fills the room. It's enough to hurry our two heroes back outside, where they can breathe a little easier, and concentrate on capturing the criminals.

Eventually, the clues they uncover lead them back to this strange, old house, where once again, they must confront the dragon. 

As it turns out, Ezra isn't so reformed after all. His new career as a master of the occult is merely a front. He's helping the criminals at the docks sell their stolen merchandise. Or he was, until our two heroes arrest him.

Bad Ezra! Evil Ezra!! How dare you try to fool Starsky and Hutch!!!

Sadly, one of the thieves was the fiancé of a young lady whom Hutch was to give away at her wedding. When Starsky refuses to step up and marry the girl, her mother demonstrates her displeasure.

Starsky, incensed at Hutch's laughter, decides to share this honor with his partner.

Thus, we are reminded of one of life's great teachings regarding confrontations with dragons. Even if you win, you can't help but emerge with a little cake on your face.

"Terror On The Docks" was written by Fred Frieberger, who produced many TV classics, including The Wild Wild West, Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Gerry Anderson's live action series Space 1999. With such an extensive sci-fi resume, he must have known a lot about dragons.

Dragon Dave

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