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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Monthly Update to My Top Ten Posts

As it's the beginning of a new month, I thought I'd update the Page "My Ten Most Popular Posts" (located to your right).  You'll notice a lot can happen in a couple weeks.  I've also listed the current number of "page views" on the page so you can better appreciate future changes).  I plan on updating this page monthly from now on, to reflect ongoing changes in viewer interest.

My Most Popular Posts                              
(as of June 13, 2013)
1.   Steven Brust: The Complete Package
2.   Steven Brust: My Ultimate Weapon
3.   Everyone Wants to See Stan Lee
4.   The Windmills of Mojave
5.   Catching a Glimpse of Norman Clegg’s House
6.   Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moestra: 
      Consummate Professionals
7.   Pocket Dalek Knitting Pattern
8.   Daleks Love Jammie Dodgers: A Cookie-Making Tutorial
9.   Those Immortal Catalogs
10. The Cybercraft Orbiting Laboratory

As you'll see from my updated page, the biggest change is due to a sudden surge of interest is a post about James Herriot.  When I wrote it a year ago, it received no special interest.  (In actual page views, I believe it was slightly below-average).  But it's caught on in the last month or two, and as one person shares it with another, and that person presumably shares it with someone else, its readership has grown.  I'm glad it's become popular, and dare to hope that people have found it beneficial to their lives.  

Sometimes, our best efforts seem to go unnoticed.  It's nice to be occasionally reminded that what we do for others has not necessarily been forgotten.  It also gives me hope that, should my novels ever be published, and, as all too often happens, they not prove immediately popular, that the stories may eventually find readers who love them.  

That's a good feeling.

Dragon Dave

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