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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rock-a-Bye Birdie

An update on the Backyard House Hunters by Dragon Dave’s wife.

The house hunters settled into their new home.  Mrs. Oriole was patient with me as I watered the plants around the new home.  I wanted to make sure the banana plant stayed strong to support her.

The days have quickly passed and as is common in our location the breeze picks up in the afternoon.  The banana leaves swaying reminded me of the old lullaby "Rock-a-Bye Baby."  Then last week, the breeze turned into a wind that whipped and tore at the banana leaves, causing the leaves to start splitting. 

Worried about the nest, I went to check.  Though the leaves were splitting from the ravages of the wind, the nest was well built and Mrs. Oriole stayed at her post.

A New Window on the World

Mr. Oriole, who had been absent, recently returned to check on the house.

"I'm back!  How's everything going?"

Now Mr. & Mrs. Oriole are busy coming and going to the nest, so there must be new mouths to feed.

More reports later.

Dragon Dave's Wife

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