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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Father-In-Law's Special Cake

For my Father-in-law's birthday, his wife bought him a special cake. One made not only with the usual ingredients, such as butter and flour, but also with Baskin Robbins' wonderful ice cream.  She had requested that the staff write "Happy Birthday" on his cake, but when his birthday arrived, he wanted more.  He decided that he wanted it to say, "Happy Birthday, Darling."  

"Well," she told him, "you can write Darling on it if you like."  

Unfortunately, the staff hadn't left him any room on top.

So, with a little ingenuity, and some out-of-the-box thinking, he came up with this inspired compromise. 

After all this work, he felt rather tired.  So his wife took pity on him, and only placed five candles on the cake this year. 

Thankfully, he summoned enough energy to blow them all out.  

As you can see, the chocolate cake was topped with a layer of Baskin Robbins/31 Flavors Butter Pecan ice cream, frosted with Chocolate ice cream, and trimmed in glorious dark fudge.  It proved utterly delicious, and he (along with the rest of us) enjoyed it immensely.  

Still, I can't help feeling a little sorry that my father-in-law had to make up that flag.  I mean, it was his birthday after all, and he really is a darling man...

Dragon Dave

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