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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 2013 In Review

September 2013 saw some notable trends in readership, and I thought I'd share the results with you.  

Top Ten Posts For September 2013

Post Name                                              Date Posted         Views
1. The Conan Chronologies                      April 4, 2013             77
2. Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Pt. 1    Nov 28, 2012          52 
3. Learning from Roald Dahl's Stories        August 19, 2012       49
4. Jane Johnson's Wild Road                September 4, 2013       45 
5. The Dalek Invasion of Punalu'u        September 27, 2013       31
6. August 2013 In Review                    September 5, 2013        27
7. The Madness of Peter F. Hamilton    September 26, 2013      23
8. Peter Hamilton: Reality Dysfunction   September 24, 2013     21
9. The Exclusive Punalu'u Club             September 17, 2013     21
10. Failure at Punalu'u                         September 10, 2013      21

As in August, "The Conan Chronologies" again claimed the top spot. The popularity of "Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Part 1" not only continued, but surpassed last month's 9th place ranking. "Learning from Roald Dahl's Immortal Stories" also returned to prominence, which was nice to see.  "Jane Johnson's Wild Road" garnered the most attention among September 2013 entries, but this was only fitting: the author has lived an interesting life, mixing hard work and determination with a willingness to take big risks in her career and personal life.  "The Dalek Invasion of Punalu'u Bakeshop" was my first and only Dalek blog to reach the top ten this month, but its ranking as of September 30th is notable as it garnered so many page views in three days.  Peter F. Hamilton is another noteworthy author, so I'm glad two of his entries reached the top ten this month.

Of course, you can review any of the posts by clicking on the title.

While I'm sure the Daleks would have loved a greater presence, it was nice to see the entries about authors and their stories dominate in September.  The desire to discuss the stories that entertain and inspire me, as well the talented people who wrote them, were the reason I started this blog in the first place.  Additionally, I'm happy to report that the page views for all the top ten exceeded those of August. Hopefully, that means I'm on the right track.

Before I sign off, allow me to mention that one of the top entries for September reached My Ten Most Popular Posts.  To see which post made it, and how high it climbed, you can follow the link above, or visit it from the Page Menu to your right.

As always, thanks for reading, and sharing The Dragon's Cache with your friends.

Dragon Dave

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