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Friday, March 7, 2014

Daleks Banish Emily Bronte's Ghouls, Goblins, Ghosts & Vampires

Pinky: Thanks for helping me assemble Master's lunch.
Rusty: Glad to help.  Say, I know I'm new to the household troop, but is Master looking tired to you?
Pinky: Yes, I don't think he's been sleeping well lately.
Rusty: Why's that?
Pinky: In Wuthering Heights, the housekeeper Mrs. Dean calls Mr. Heathcliff a goblin. After he foregoes eating and sleeping, Mr. Lockwood wonders if Heathcliff is a ghoul, a vampire, or some other kind of demon.  I always thought the Bronte sisters wrote classic Mainstream fiction, not Horror. 
Rusty: I read over Master's shoulder when he was researching Emily Bronte on Wikipedia.  She and her sisters wrote poems and stories about several fantasy worlds, which even her sister Charlotte described as "weird."  Some modern critics claim that the sisters wrote Speculative Fiction, a literary genre that evolved into today's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. But I suspect, in the instances you mentioned, that Emily Bronte used those terms as metaphors for Heathcliff's personality quirks.
Pinky: So after Heathcliff dies, and the locals see his and Catherine's ghosts wandering the moors, you think--
Rusty: Whoa! They actually see ghosts? Maybe I was wrong, then. No wonder Master hasn't been sleeping well lately. In addition to fearsome Wesen like the Wildesheer on "Grimm," Ghouls, Goblins, and Ghosts are enough to give a human nightmares.
Pinky: Don't forget the Vampires.
Rusty: I wish I could! Any Dalek made with red Dalekanium yarn fears Vampires.
Pinky: I know Master's eating healthier these days, but I think we'd better assemble a special dessert, just to make sure he sleeps well tonight. Want to help?
Rusty: I'm your Dalek, partner.

Rusty: A Chocolate Rice Krispy Square, Easter candy, and Cookie Crisp cereal cookies? You really know how to cater to Master's needs.
Pinky: Wait, I think he still needs something else.
Rusty: Something else? Exactly how frightened is he?
Pinky: Do you want to sample what I'm preparing next, or not?
Rusty: Sorry. What's next?
Pinky: Wait and see.

Rusty: Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream? If this dessert doesn't banish Master's nightmares, nothing will.
Pinky: You're not being sarcastic, are you?
Rusty: No, I'm just glad he's eating "healthier" these days.  Otherwise, he'd have to be a lot more cautious with his reading choices.

Pinky & Rusty Dalek

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