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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dalek Knitting Rules November 2013

As humans (and Daleks), we're always interested in what's popular.  The numbers below reflect which titles have shown up in other people's blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook Home pages, and other places that drew new readers to  The Dragon's Cache last month.

 Top Ten Posts For November 2013

Post Name                                              Date Posted         Views
1. Pocket Dalek Knitting Pattern                 Feb. 18, 2013         34
2. The Cows of Seven Sisters                    Nov. 18, 2013         22
3. The TARDIS of Brighton Pier                  Nov. 15, 2013         22
4. Ray Bradbury Loves Dinosaurs               Oct. 8, 2013           19
5. Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Pt. 1    Nov. 28, 2012         19
6. A Day in Brighton                                   Nov. 7, 2013          15
7. Eating Out in Brighton                            Nov. 21, 2013         15
8. Recovering From My Seven Sisters        Nov. 14, 2013         14
9. Visiting My Seven Sisters: Pt. 2             Nov. 12, 2013         13
10. Rex Dalek & K-9 Visit Krispy Kreme      Nov. 8, 2013          13

Two of October's Top Ten Posts remained on the list for November. While "Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Part 1" fell from first to fifth, "Ray Bradbury Loves Dinosaurs" clung to its Fourth Place for a second month in a row.  The Daleks may have been shut out in October, but they surged back onto the list last month, with "Pocket Dalek Knitting Pattern" and "Rex Dalek & K-9 Visit Krispy Kreme."  Perhaps their resurgence was fueled by the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of Doctor Who, given that my acquisition of the Doctor's time machine attracted readers to "The TARDIS of Brighton Pier."  And while travel blogs are usually popular, I couldn't help but notice that four of them--"A Day Out in Brighton," "Eating Out in Brighton," "Recovering From My Seven Sisters," and "Rex Dalek & K-9 Visit Krispy Kreme"--involved food. Mmm…Subway Tandoori Chicken Sandwiches, Cornish Pasties, Quavers, Fish & Chips, and Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Five essential English Food Groups!

K-9 & Rex visit Subway in Brighton

Two entries, "Pocket Dalek Knitting Pattern" and "Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Part 1" climbed higher on my My Ten Most Popular Posts, which suggests that not only do readers love Daleks so much that they want them in their own homes, but also that they enjoy stories about the kindness of strangers.  While it's always nice to accomplish Great Deeds and Herculean Tasks, sometimes it's the smallest of our actions--those that may never be noted or commented upon or hailed by others--that can make a huge impact on a person's life.  I may not know that cabbie's name, but I'll never forget him, and I'll always be grateful to him.  Without his help, we might never have reached Pinner, where one of my favorite British comedies, "May To December," was filmed.  

Our visit to Pinner, England, two years ago.
After eating our sandwiches in the town square behind us,
we dug out our maps,
tried to figure out where we'd gone wrong,
and how to get where we needed to go.
If only we'd had a Dalek back then to guide us!

Finally, last month The Dragon's Cache enjoyed 1,589 page views. That's one hundred more than the previous all-time high, and nearly three hundred more than the average for the past three months.  So people are reading the blog, and hopefully, in some way, it beneficially impacts their lives.

You know, just like the mere mention of dinosaurs made Ray Bradbury smile.

Dragon Dave     

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